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Sponsors needed for 2013 Season
« on: March 06, 2013, 10:26:07 AM »
I have been asked a zillion times about the fate of the 2013 racing season. Good news is that it is only March and there is still time to make something happen. Bad news is that it is March already!

With YOUR help we can make this happen! But it might not happen without your help. So let's make it happen!!

The scoop: for there to be full race season, sponsors are needed. As posted before, there is nothing at the track - no timing system, PA system, track prep equipment, safety equipment, concession equipment....etc.

I would be willing to do whatever is needed IF we can secure sponsorship to help get the supplies and equipment needed to get opened.

There are sign packages, race events, clA- sponsorships....etc. available for one, two or three year deals. Let me know if you can help. I will post more information on sponsorship packages soon.

You can contact me by email: or on Facebook or by message here.

Thanks everyone!!! - Rooster


Sponsors needed for the following:

1.   TSI 2000 Plus timing system – installed          
2.   Guardrail on right side shutdown (must add about 100 to 200’) - could be concrete barriers that need to be moved from Henderson, Ky   
3.   Guardrail at start line for starter safety area (must do) - unused guardrail is behind the concession and should be installed at the starting line. Must do prior to opening.    
4.   Fire extinguishers – minimum of 8 ABC - 2  at start line, 2 - safety vehicle, 1 -concession, 1- tower and 2- top end safety          
5.   EMT first responder bag and supplies                     
6.   Push Blower (used) for track clean up                  
7.   Brooms, squeegee, mops for track clean-up               
8.   Shovels, scrapers, torch, LP tank (2-3 of each) for track scraping and cleaning      
9.   Garden hoses for cleaning dirt (up to 700’ 5/8 heavy duty hose), nozzles - 700' would go length of track so it can be washed weekly after dirt races.
10.   Ag Sprayer on trailer for traction compound   
11.   Electrical repairs and replace lights                  
12.   2-way radios for officials (start, tower, safety, water, gate, tech, staging…etc.)   
13.   PA system and microphone                     
14.   Speakers or repairs and speaker wire                  
15.   New pole and electric box at finish line                           
16.   Concession repairs – back wall and floor, side door, etc.            
17.   Concession items– frig, freezer, electric skillet, warmer, microwave…etc)

This is just a list of things needed now. There is another list of 'wants'!! A long wishlist just like the old Sear's catalogs!!